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Entertainment Fitness Program

We provide qualified fitness specialists and entertainers for Hotels, Resorts, Cruises and Retreats to create a Super Fun, Relaxing and Unforgettable experience  during the holidays

Cruise Entertainers


Resorts Entertainers


Dancing at Sea

Party Entertainers

Our Entertainers will bring
the joy to your holidays

Birthday Celebration

Theme Party

Special Events

Retro Fiesta


Egypt Party

Neon Countdown

Between holidays, parties, shopping, travel and entertaining it can be impossible to make the time to break away the workout. Our  trainers will keep guests motivated and active developing a special program based on their fitness goals, body composition and fitness levels. Always making the session fun, interesting and dynamic.  

Wellness & Fitness Program

Intense Training

Personal Trainers

Fitness Group

Group Fitness Instructors

Zumba Class

Dance Fitness

Sports training

Sport Coach

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Yoga Instructors

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructors

Female Climber

Climbing Coach

Group Exercise

TRX Instructor

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